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Work FAQ's

G2 Audio Visual's Philosophy and FAQ

Gary's Vision for G2 Audio Visual

G2 Audio Visual, LLC was founded in 2009 by Gary Garrison with the desire to use relationships to provide clients with only the best production crews available in the industry, meeting and exceeding expectations. Attitude is EVERYTHING. We are not just in the industry of providing people, our priority is to use the opportunities we have to bless others. 

G2 Audio Visual's Goals

What we expect from our crew is absolute professionalism coupled with a fun attitude. The environment we work in can be extremely demanding at times, but it needs to be fun as well. Let's work hard and play hard.

We would like everyone to think of this G2AV as family and take on their own piece of responsibility for its success. Without G2AV’s crew the company is nothing. 

With all families and their relationships, HONEST communication is key. We would rather have HONEST communication than anyone not being fully transparent. This is an integral a part to our success. 

You can expect us to pursue as much work as possible to keep our family busy and to be fully transparent at all times. 

Below are some things we expect from our teams and what our teams can expect from us.


Being on time (early) for calls is where everything starts. No calls and no shows will most likely result in being removed from G2AV’s roster for any future gigs. If it’s due to a serious emergency, it is the crew member's responsibility to contact us as early as possible. We are very strict with this, but if an emergency happens, please communicate with us.  Be prepared to prove to us that the emergency actually happened.

G2AV takes attendance very seriously in order to keep a good reputation and relationship with our clients. The more we get no call/no shows, late, or last minute call outs that cannot be filled, the greater the chance we have to tarnish the relationship we have built with our clients. This ultimately mean less work for everyone. 

Being on time is very important for G2AV and our clients. If members of our crew are late multiple times it may result in being removed from G2AV’s roster or being put on the bottom of the call list. 

ALWAYS ARRIVE READY TO WORK 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SHIFT. This means you need to be in your call location 15 minutes early, not "pulling in", "finding parking" or “walking in”.

This should go without saying but as a contractor for G2AV we are all grown adults and have busy lives. It is very important that you keep track of your own personal schedule. If you do double book yourself it will NOT be an excused absence. Double booking yourself may lead to complete removal from all future G2AV opportunities.

We understand life happen, people get sick, cars break down, etc. but we also know through experience that people are not completely honest. If there is any time you cannot make it to a job please let us know 24 hours or more prior to your call time. If you do communicate less than 24 hours before your call time it may also result in complete removal from future opportunities, depending upon the circumstances. Proof will be required. The bottom line is we need you to be open and honest with us at all times. Communication is key. 

Being Paid

All people who work for G2AV are independent contractors and will be required to submit a W9 and fill out a “Hold Harmless Waiver” prior to working for us. This allows us to enter all contractors into our accounting system (this will be part of an “onboarding” message sent through Lasso and is a “Docusign” kind of message).

Here's what you need to know when submitting an invoice to G2AV. First, all communication will need to go to upon completion of each job (not each event). Please do not submit group invoices with multiple jobs on one invoice or separate invoices for each shift worked. 

What needs to be included on the invoice?

Your name (who we are paying)
Your mailing address
Your email
Your phone number
The name of the event

(This can be found in the Lasso schedule and should include client, location, and dates)
The date(s) of the event

(each day should be on different line items)
The hours you worked

(The best way to do this is to have a line item/description for each day) i.e. 08/01/2022, 5 hours on the quantity field, the rate, then it should total the amount G2 owes you.
The total due

(This should be automatically calculated by the app)

If it’s your first time working for G2AV, we are using DIRECT DEPOSIT to pay vendors.

Once we receive your correctly submitted invoice we will enter it into our accounting software.

Once it is entered into our system for payment we will send you an invite to sign up for direct deposit through a 3rd party. DO NOT SEND ANOTHER INVOICE!!!!! IF YOU GET AN INVITE FOR DIRECT DEPOSIT WE’VE ALREADY ENTERED YOUR INVOICE INTO THE ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE. Payment will be delayed if you send a second bill through the Direct Deposit vendor.

You are billing:

   G2 Audio Visual, LLC
  400 North Street

Suite 192

Longwood. Florida 32750

PLEASE NOTE…. Payment will be delayed if you don’t give us ALL the info we need to accurately categorize your invoice.

When sending an invoice we recommend you use a get invoice app for your phone. This helps you keep track much better than a spreadsheet. We recommend “Invoice Maker” as the app but you can do the invoicing however you’d like as long as we have the info we need. 



This is a link to an sample invoice that you can download and fill out without an app.



Below is an example of an invoice that has been filled out properly.

Contact info for all billing and invoicing is or call 407-584-7744  and follow the prompts.

Understanding Lasso


There are 2 things that will happen when we schedule through Lasso.

First you will be asked for your availability. This DOES NOT mean you are placed on a job. This is asking if you're available, interested in the opportunity and are free to work it.

Second, people are selected to work the job. You will get a confirmation message saying you've been selected to work. Please don't confuse these.

Lasso Opportunities Tab

As we get jobs we publish them in Lasso. As soon as we publish them we will plan to book people within 24-72 hours. We then close all opportunities 48-72 hours before the job. It will then show as “Closed - Positioned Filled”. Typically you will know if you're booked for the gig within 3 days of it being published if time allows. Depending on the volume of jobs we have, it may take longer. We will keep the event job for a while just so more people can apply in the event we need to replace or add people last minute.

The Schedule Tab

This is where your BOOKED events will appear. Every event we will have a Labor Coordinator and they will know generally everything about the gig. If you need to contact them or know who it is; you will find them in the event under the schedule tab. If you click on their name you will have the option to call or text them. Onsite contact will always be under the shift time. Please call them if you are going to arrive late. ALWAYS meet at the meeting point indicated in your schedule description even if the show is still going on. The client always expects you to be there at your scheduled time.

Lasso Messages

There are certain times where we communicate with everyone by sending a mass message on Lasso. You will usually receive an app notification, email, and SMS. ALWAYS read the message in the Lasso app if you can. The message isn't fully readable on SMS. If you have questions that are NOT ANSWERED IN THE APP please feel free to reach out to the Labor Coordinator directly. You will find their contact in the message like in the above example. We will try to give as much detail as possible in these messages.

If you have any more questions about using Lasso click the link below


invoice example
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